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Juzo Compression Wrap
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Compression: 20-60 mmHg
Colors: Black or Beige, reversible
Length: Regular or Long (calf only)
Width: Regular or Max (calf only)

Convenient, easy to don, reversible Juzo Compression Wraps offer reliable compression with the hassles of donning and doffing fragile stockings. the inner liner protects skin while the outer wrap uses alternating stretch tabs to provide compression with minimal bulk. The outer wrap is fully reversible, with black on one side and beige on the other. Available in just calf, just foot. If you need both, they fit together perfectly. 
Price: $44.45

Juzo Wrap Fasteners


Removable hook and fastener pieces in three sizes to attach and adjust Juzo Compression Wrap segments. 
Price: $8.49

Juzo Wrap Stockinette Rolls
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The Juzo Wrap Commpression system offers convenient compression and flexible use. Beneath the wrap, users wear a cotton stockinette, available in a variety of replacement lengths. Also available is Silver Stockinette, which provides anti-bacterial protection via 10% silver contents. Rolls are 25 yards long and can be cut to the desired length. 

Stockingette's keep skin dry and comfortable, extend the wear and cleanliness of the outer wrap, and provide a smooth layer for the wrap to encircle.
Price: $25.28

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