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MedicalStockingsOnline.com is dedicated to providing high quality compression garments at reasonable prices. Founded by therapists, MedicalStockingsOnline.com is well aware of the importance of properly fitted, properly used medical stockings in preserving the health and quality of life of individuals dealing with lymphedema, edema and other lymphatic conditions.


John Wellum, President of MedicalStockingsOnline.com is Certified in the Vodder Technique of Lymphedema Therapy. He practiced edema therapy over ten years in a hospital setting, and maintains contact daily with therapists across the country dealing with compression therapy. John Wellum is passionate about proper patient care and his enthusiasm and professionalism have earned him a reputation as a recognized expert in the field.

He is the supplier of choice products for over 500 therapists and doctors throughout the United States.


John Wellum is on the Board of Lymphedema Resources, Inc., which is a 501(c)3 charity raising awareness for the potential for development of lymphedema and assuring availability  of resources for treatment. He is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and has been based in Southwest Florida for over 20 years.


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