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Compression Stockings & Arm Sleeves Buyer's Guide

As a former therapist and current retailer of compression stockings and lymphedema arm sleeves, I understand how confusing it can be to navigate the many lines and styles of stockings and arm sleeves manufactured today. Below is a "cheat sheet" for selecting model lines based upon what's important to you. Of couse, not all sizes and compressions are available in all lines. Click on a model line for details on sizes, colors, and options.

Compression Stockings


Arm Sleeves & Gauntlets

Value Priced Stockings
Value Priced / EveryDay Socks
Value Priced Sleeves / Gauntlets
Juzo: Basic
Mediven: Assure
  Juzo: 5800  15-20 mmHg 
Mediven: For Men 8-14 mmHg 
Sigvaris: Classic & Classic Dress
Jobst: for Men
  Juzo: 1100 gauntlet   
Comfort Fit Stockings
Athletic Socks
Comfort Fit Sleeves
Juzo: Soft
Mediven: Comfort
Sigvaris: Select Comfort & 
232 Cotton
Juzo: Silver Sole ankle sock &
crew cut
Mediven: CEP (coming soon)
Sigvaris: Athletic Recovery Sock
Juzo: Soft 2001 & 2002
Mediven: Harmony Arm Sleeve & Mondi Esprit
Fashion Stockings
Fashion Support Socks
Fashion Sleeves
Juzo: Soft 2000
Mediven: Sheer & Soft
Sigvaris: Sheer Fashion & Allure
Jobst: Ultrasheer
  Juzo: Attractive Sheer
Mediven: Sheer & Soft
Sigvaris: Sheer Fashion
Jobst: Ultrasheer
  Juzo: Dreamsleeves
Lymphedivas: Dozens of Patterns!
Sheer/Transparent Stockings
Diabetic Care
Juzo: Hostess & 44600 Sheer
Mediven: Sheer & Soft
Sigvaris EverSheer& Sheer Fashion
Jobst: Ultrasheer
  Sigvaris: Diabetic Compression
Jobst: Sensifoot



John Wellum is on the Board of Lymphedema Resources, Inc., which is a 501(c)3 charity raising awareness for the potential for development of lymphedema and assuring availability  of resources for treatment. He is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and has been based in Southwest Florida for over 20 years.


What is new this month...!

LympheDivas fashion armsleeves and gauntlets are now available in dozens of new patterns!