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Juzo Arm Sleeve Slippies Discounts Apply !
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Juzo Arm Sleeve Slippies
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Slide on your compression garments with ease. These Tyvek aids help your don your garments quickly, without pulling at sensitive arm tissue and skin. Use with rubber donning gloves for easiest application.


  • If your arm sleeve is a size I-III, choose small.
  • If your arm sleeve is a size IV-VI, choose large.
Application Instructions
  1. Slide the slippie over your arm and hand.
  2. Slowl slide your arm sleeve over the Slippie. A rubber donning glove will make this easier.
  3. Work the arm sleeve over the slippie.
  4. Once the arm sleeve is correctly positioned, fasten the loop at the finder end of the slippie to a door knob or other stationary object.
  5. Pull the slippie out from under the arm sleeve.
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Price: $26.49

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