How do Bandages Work?


Never use clips to attach bandages- they can damage bandages & skin, use tape instead.

Always roll bandages after every use.

Dry bandages on a flat surface or over a shower rail, away from the sun!

Never iron or cut bandages.

Although compression bandaging in different forms has been used for many years to control swelling, the introduction of the short stretch bandage from Europe has really improved results in treating swollen limbs.

Short stretch bandages are different form normal “ace” bandages because as the name implies they have very little stretch in them. In fact they have only enough stretch to allow them to conform to the shape of the limb.

The important difference between the short stretch bandage and the “ace” bandage is that while the ace type bandage is designed to apply pressure to the limb the short stretch is not. Short stretch work by resisting against the normal movements of the muscles in the leg or arm creating a natural pumping action which helps to move the fluid out.

Due to the fact that it applies very little pressure, the short stretch is much safer and more comfortable to wear than other bandages and is much less likely to create bulges and pockets of fluid.

For that reason short stretch bandages are safe to wear at night while your compression garments are hanging up to dry.

Many times bandages will be used as part of a treatment program to reduce the size of a limb to allow a garment to be fitted. They can be worn twenty-four hours a day and are safer to wear at night than compression garments.

Short stretch bandages may be used over and over again but need to be washed every two to three days to remain effective. Wash bandages in a mild bleach free liquid detergent in a pillowcase or lingerie bag and dry on a flat surface, not in a dryer, for longer life.

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 John Wellum, CPD

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