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Juzo Soft 2000 Arm Sleeve 15-20 mmHg
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Compression: 15-20 mmHg

Standard Colors:

Always Available Colors: Beige, Black, Chestnut, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Pink:

Seasonal Colors: Cosmic, Black Cherry, Espresso, Fierce, Icy Blue, Lagoon


Also available in Black and White Tie-Dyes:

And Signature Prints! select a print from the color list to view the image.

The softest of Juzo's materials, this seamless, sheer sleeve helps to prevent or manage mild to moderate upper extremity lymphedema, and is almost unnoticeable when worn.

  • Full silicone border
  • Inconspicuous
  • Light weight
  • New, seasonal fashion colors available.
  • Seamless, soft and sheer
  • Regular length only
  • Wide variety of standard sizes
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Models: 2001, 2002 Juzo Soft and Juzo Dreamsleeve


  • Seasonal colors are dyed weekly. Choosing a seasonal color may delay shipping up to one week. Some colors change seasonally and may not be available next season. Seasonal sleeves cannot be returned.
  • 40-50 mmHg compression not available in this model
  • Shoulder strap not available in this model
  • Custom sleeves not available in this model
size chart Click here for a measuring guide and fitting chart. Click here to learn how to read your current garment's label or box top.
Price: $62.89

LympheDiva Arm Sleeves


Compresion: 20-30 mmHg (Class I) and 30-40 mmHg (Class II)
Colors and Patterns: select from the list to see the incredible selection!

LympheDivas are fashion Arm Sleeves in medical, graduated compression offering an increidble selection of patterns and colors.
  • fine knit construction providing a lightweight, smooth surface
  • LYCRA spaFx, a finishing process, adds unscented aloe vera moisturizer for added softness
  • Coolmax technology wicks moisture away and cools skin
  • 360 degree stretch prevvents binding, especially at the elbow
  • Latex Free
  • Matching Gauntlets available
  • Optional Diva Diamond 100% Silicon, Latex Free Grip Band to keep garment in place, no extra cost.
  • Click Details for a Size Chart and pattern list
Price: $57.28

Mediven Harmony Arm Sleeve
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Compression: 20-30 mmHg, 30-40 mmHg
Colors: Sand, Caramel, Black

Mediven Harmony Lymphedema Sleeves feature innovative fabric features to provide consistent compression. 
  • Elbow Ellispses enhance comfort in the arm's crease and bend
  • Lanolin moisterizer in the fabric treats delicate skin
  • Variety of sizes and widths provides a comfortable fit for all shapes of arm
  • Flat seams and integrated wedges enable high thumb comfort
  • Beaded silicone top band is discreet and effective
  • Machine wash gentle/cool tumble dry
  • Latex free
  • See details for size chart
List Price: $64.99
Price: $58.88

Mediven Mondi Esprit Arm Sleeve


Mediven Lymphedema Mondi Esprit Arm Sleeves feature comfortable and breathable flat knit (seamed) fabric in 5 sizes.
  • Silicone Top Band
  • Only in 23-32 mmHg (Class II) Compression
  • Standard and long lengths
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Six month compression guarantee
  • Available in Caramel  
  • See details for size chart
List Price: $120.00
Price: $108.48

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