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Medi Night Creme
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Medi Night Cream is specially formulated to regenerate and recuperate legs and arms overnight. Apply the soothing cream each night after removing compression stockings. Contains horse chestnut to firm up vessel walls, menthol to refresh, and witch hazel to stabilze tissues. 50 ml tube.
Price: $15.68

MediCare Wash Stocking Detergent
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MediCare Wash stocking detergent extends the life of compression therapy products with everyday use. MediCare's pure, organic, and bio-degradable solution thoroughly removes daily perspiration and body oils from your sleeves and stockings. 16 oz. bottle.
Price: $15.68

Mediven Assure Butler - Stocking Application Aid
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The support and assistance you need to carefully and comfortably put on your compression stockings. This butler provides a frame that not only holds the stocking safely in place, but then you use the frame to assist in slipping the garment on. No more poking your fingers through your stockings! Less time bent over!
List Price: $29.99
Price: $29.28

Mediven Butler Off - Doffing Aid
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Remove your compressions stockings easier and with fewer snags. The Mediven Butler Off doffing aid extends your reach, so you don't have to bend over so far to remove your stockings. It's smooth, snag free surface prevents snags, tears and rips in your medical compression garments. Protect your investment and make life easier with a Medi Butler Off Doffing Aid.
Price: $36.48

Sigvaris Rubber Donning Gloves


Rubber gloves with textured palms and fingers keep your grip on compression garments, while protecting them from jewelry, fingernails and other snag dangers.

Price: $11.25

Stocking Accessory Kit from Mediven


Stocking Accessory Kit combines all the essentials for caring for and donning compression garments. Kit includes:
  • a Wash Bag to protect stockings during cleaning,
  • application gloves, to assist and protect garments during application,
  • a sample of night cream which helps skin recuperate at night,
  • a sample of day gel, which comforts skin while wearing garments,
  • and an informative brochure.
Price: $12.48

Stocking Guardian Wash Bag from Mediven


Protect your compression garments from snagging, stretching and wear and tear during washing with the Stocking Guardian Wash Bag. 
Price: $9.28

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