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Mediven Comfort Pantyhose/Stockings

Price: $70.08

Compression: 15-20mmhg, 20-30 mmHg, 30-4- mmHg
Regular & Petite
Closed Toe & Open Toe

Colors: (swatches)

Regular: Natural, Navy, Ebony, Chocolate  
Petite: Natural, Navy, Ebony

Comfort Women's Pantyhose from Mediven

Mediven comfort guarantees maximum all-day wearing comfort in a durable, discreet, semi-sheer look. With innovative materials and the latest knitting technology, this product's popularity is due to its ease in donning and doffing (putting on / taking off). The incorporation of our patented Climafresh system adds an anti-microbial feature and prevents odor formation while our Clima-Comfort technology allows for high breathability and reliable temperature control. 

  • Machine wash and tumble dry
  • Latex-free

Also Available

  • Thigh Highs with and without Silicone Band
  • Knee Highs
  • Maternity Pantyhose

Decoding Your Box Number

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Comfort Closed Toe Stock Numbers (the first 3 numbers are the line, compression and style)
15-20 mmHg20-30 mmHg30-40 mmHg
447xx = Calf461xx = Calf481xx = Calf
448xx = Calf Petite462xx = Calf Petite482xx = Calf Petite
449xx = Thigh w/ Band463xx = Extra-wide Calf483xx = Extra-wide Calf
450xx = Thigh Petite w/ Band464xx = Extra-wide Calf Petite484xx = Extra-wide Calf Petite
451xx = Panty465xx = Thigh485xx = Thigh
451xx = Panty Petite466xx = Thigh Petite486xx = Thigh Petite
453xx = Maternity Panty467xx = Thigh w/ Band487xx = Thigh w/ Band
454xx = Maternity Panty Petite468xx = Thigh Petite w/ Band488xx = Thigh Petite w/ Band
 469xx = Panty489xx = Panty
 470xx = Panty Petite490xx = Panty Petite
 471xx = Maternity Panty491xx = Maternity Panty
 472xx = Maternity Panty Petite492xx = Maternity Panty Petite
Comfort Open Toe Stock Numbers
15-20 mmHg20-30 mmHg30-40 mmHg
455xx = Calf473xx = Calf493xx = Calf
456xx = Calf Petite474xx = Calf Petite494xx = Calf Petite
457xx = Thigh w/ Band475xx = Extra-Wide Calf495xx = Extra-Wide Calf
458xx = Thigh Petite w/ Band476xx = Extra-wide Calf Petite496xx = Extra-wide Calf Petite
459xx = Panty477xx = Thigh w/ Band497xx = Thigh w/ Band
460xx = Panty Petite478xx = Thigh Petite w/ Band498xx = Thigh Petite w/ Band
 479xx = Panty499xx = Panty
 480xx = Panty Petite500xx = Panty Petite
 The fourth number is the color:The fifth number is the size
 xxx0x = natural
xxx5x = ebony
xxx6x = mocha
xxx8x = wheat
xxxx1 = size I
xxxx2 = size II xxxx5 = size V
xxxx3 = size III xxxx6 = size VI
xxxx4 = size IV  xxxx7 = size VII

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