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Sigvaris Athletic Socks
Sigvaris, a leading international manufacturer of graduated compression garments now offers the Athletic Recovery Sock for sports enthusiasts to improve performance and comfort during exercise and sports. The graduated compression helps reverse the build up of lactic acid and provides support to hard working muscles.
Sigvaris Casual Cotton Socks
Sigvaris Men's and Women's Casual Cotton Support Socks are Over-the-Counter, knee high socks with graduated compression using 66% premium Supima Cotton. Very soft and comfortable, the Casual Cotton sock provides effective relief from tired, aching legs and swollen feet and ankles.
Sigvaris Classic Socks
Sigvaris Classic Ribbed and Dress Socks are ideal for everyday wear. These light compression trouser socks provide graduated, therapeutic compression to prevent tired, achy legs. Calf support panel for better distribution of compression across the leg. (formerly Samson and Delilah brands)
Sigvaris Cushioned Cottom Socks
Sigvaris Cushioned Cotton Rx socks were specifically designed to address the needs of people who stand for prolonged periods of times at work. The Cushioned Cotton Rx compression sock looks and feels like a soft, comfortable athletic sock, but performs like a top quality graduated compression garment.
Sigvaris Diabetic Compression Socks
Proven to reduce edema in diabetic patients, the Sigvaris Diabetic Compression Sock was a unanimous hit with study participants, who all said they would recommend the sock to others.
Sigvaris Jewel Socks
Over the Counter Knee-Highs with a stylish diamond dress pattern, in three colors. Recommended for travel.

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