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Lymphedema Garments Made with Silver Fibers from Juzo


Juzo Silver Stockings

Medical Stockings Online features Juzo Silver products.

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio – Juzo, an international manufacturer of medical compression garments, introduces Juzo Silver Strong Lymphedema garments made with X-Static silver fibers. 

Lymphedema quietly affects millions of Americans. It results from a breakdown of the lymphatic system and can cause swelling or fluid build-up in the affected limb. Compression garments are commonly used to prevent fluid build-up or to help maintain the size of the limb. 

As the lymphatic system plays a large role in the immune function, a breakdown in this system combined with small cuts, scratches or insect bites can increase the risk of recurrent infections, cellulitis and lymphangitis. 

The new Juzo Silver Strong compression garments are made using X-Static silver fibers. Silver is naturally antimicrobial, eliminating many common types of bacteria and fungi that can lead to infections, cellulitis or lymphangitis. 

Antimicrobial testing performed by an independent laboratory on a Juzo Silver Strong compression stocking found that within 2 hours, the garment eliminated over 99% of the common bacterias Staphlyococcus Aureus and Streptococcus Pyogenes, as well as the fungus Candida Albicans. 

Bacteria not only puts a person at risk for infections, it is also a common cause of unpleasant odors. Juzo Silver Strong compression garments aid in reducing unpleasant odors caused by bacteria. 

Silver also offers advantages in wearing properties of the garment. As silver is one of the most conductive elements, its use in a compression garments helps dissipate heat away from the skin, providing a more comfortable wearing experience. 

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