Preventing Complications: Dos...

Do keep your skin healthy and watch for swelling.

Do replace your compression garments if they are loose and at least every six months.

Do wear your compression garment any time you are out of bed.

Do always wear shoes with a closed toe.

Do avoid any type of trauma such as bruising, cuts, sunburn, or insect bites.

Do exercises recommended by your doctor such as walking, swimming, bike riding.

Do use an electric razor to remove body hair. Non-electric razors can increase the risk of skin damage.

Do take time for getting up and stretching while traveling.

Do eat a well-balanced diet, low in sodium and maintain an ideal body weight.

...and Don'ts

Don’t ignore any slight increase of swelling.

Don’t let your compression garment get loose. If it’s too easy to put on it may not be working.

Protect your feet by wearing shoes at all times.Don’t get into hot water-like a sauna or hot tub.

Don’t go out in the sun without protecting your skin.

Don’t go barefoot.

Don’t allow a rash, blister, redness, or fever to go unchecked.

Don’t have long periods of inactivity.

Don’t cut your cuticles when caring for your toenails or hands.

Don’t travel by airplane without your compression garment or bandages.

Don’t smoke or drink alcoholic beverages as they affect the size of the blood vessels.

John Wellum, CPD

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