Why Measure Weekly?


Don’t let measuring become a chore. Use the system you are most comfortable with, be it inches or centimeters.

To find the same locations every time you measure, make an ink dot on the skin at the suggested points.

Make a note of the distances to each point on the limb. For the leg measure from the floor. For the arm measure from the finger tips.

Measure twice at each point you select, keeping the tape at right angles to the leg or arm.

Don’t pull the tape tight, just a light pressure is enough.

Re-mark each spot you need to measure each Friday. If it seems wildly out check the distance up the limb first.

One of the easiest ways to keep track of a previously swollen limb is to take simple measurements every week. Measuring does not have to be a chore. The simpler and more understandable the method the better.

Do you think you will notice changes in your legs and arms without going through the steps of measuring every week? Very often this is not true..

As a rule edemas will have normal fluctuations of measurement from week to week. What measurements can show us is gradual increases over a couple of weeks.

This may signify several things. It may be as simple as your sleeve or stocking wearing out and needing to be replaced. It may mean it is time to get help with your self treatment or exercise program. Or more seriously it may herald the onset of infection.

In any of these cases it would be best to contact your doctor or therapist and get some advice. Measuring not only gives you a guide to where you stand with the edema but gives you a few moments to closely inspect the limb for any other signs of trouble especially cuts and abrasions that may lead to infection.

 John Wellum, CPD

*Important: We are smarter than to try to practice medicine without a license! The information presented on this site is for informational purposes only. New medical information is available weekly - so check with your doctor and therapist before making any changes to your treatment!

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