Preventing Complications During Pregnancy

edema during pregnancyPregnancy has many affects on the body of the mother, some more obvious than others. One consequence of pregnancy that may not be obvious until later is the affect it has on your veins.

Increased progesterone is released during pregnancy. This hormonal change is necessary for the uterus, but it may also cause all the mother's veins to dilate. In addition, pressure from the weight of the uterus can increase this dilation. When dilated, the valves in the veins don't function properly and cause swelling, tingling, tightness and tiredness. Long periods of standing or sitting emphasize these feelings.
(For more information on how compression helps veins work, read our article.)

Wearing low compression stockings can counteract these problems by supporting the veins and allowing proper blood flow in the legs. Special low compression garments specifically for pregnancy are available, as well as general support stockings for anyone who needs some support, without being diagnosed by a doctor with a specific condition.

 John Wellum, CPD & Juzo

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