Dangers of an Infection

Infection Signs & Symptoms

-A rash and or itching on the infected limb

-Discoloration-often a mottled redness which may start in a small area and then spread quickly

-Increased swelling

-Increased temperature– heat may start in a small area and quickly the whole limb may be hot.

-A heavy sensation in the limb

Pain– although infection may be pain free.

-Chills and high fever may sometimes occur in a matter of 5-10 minutes.

Treatment will usually include oral or IV antibiotics prescribed by your doctor.

Prevent infections by keeping swelling to a minimum, exercising regularly and taking good care of your skin.

Seek help IMMEDIATELY at the first sign of infection. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

A while ago I wrote a short piece on the dangers of infection. Several of my clients commented on it and in fact one reported getting an infection only days after reading it. Since it is such an important issue I thought it would be worth going over the subject more carefully.

Simply speaking, when a limb is swollen it is far more difficult for nutrients essential to the health of the tissues to reach the outer layers of the skin. The distance they have to travel may be just to far. Often this fact contributes to a breakdown of the skin and persistent skin ulcers.

Added to that dead cells and debris which would normally be taken away by adequate lymph and blood flow may sit in the swollen limb creating a kind of biological soup that is very inviting for bacteria to grow in.

These two factors alone are a recipe for disaster. Any minor break in the skin or even the smallest bug bite can set off what can be a very dangerous infection.

These Cellulitus infections can spread rapidly and if left untreated may be extremely dangerous. Hence it is very important to know the signs and symptoms of infection.

 John Wellum, CPD

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