Gravity - It's Not Just a Good Idea, It's the Law!

elevate your feet when possibleI stole this quote, it's one of my favorites. It occasionally can get a smile from one of my patients and more often than not it comes up when they walk back into rehab with legs previously under control which are now badly swollen.

We know how difficult it is to wear your stockings all the time but for some people leaving them off for even brief periods during the day can spell disaster. Long periods on your feet without the support of your stockings can quickly refill those feet and ankles. This is often true when the skin in those areas has become loosened by long term swelling since it then lacks the natural elasticity to keep the fluid from returning.

Everyone needs a break from their stockings but people with more aggressive edema problems should always elevate their legs or arms when their stockings are off.

Your Doctor is the best source of advice for guidelines on wearing your compression garments. Generally they will want you to wear compression from first thing in the morning until bed time. Always check with them to see what is best for you.

By the way please note that wearing stockings or sleeves at night can be dangerous. Often a patient will be advised to bandage the affected limb at night with special short stretch edema bandages rather than wear garments. Always seek your Doctors advice if night compression is needed and if bandages are necessary we can provide those for you too!

John Wellum, CPD

*Important: We are smarter than to try to practice medicine without a license! The information presented on this site is for informational purposes only. New medical information is available weekly - so check with your doctor and therapist before making any changes to your treatment!





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